Our Vision

VCCP Health is a specialist agency set up to bring greater strategic rigour and higher creative standards to healthcare brand communications. Our aim is to bring a Challenger Spirit to this sector. The agency works on both prescription and OTC brands, developing the full range of materials required for communications aimed at healthcare professionals and consumers. Wherever possible, we bring the most innovative approaches and thinking from the consumer agency to the world of healthcare. We love to develop simple and impactful visual campaigns based on a powerful insight. Our experience, particularly when working with central teams developing pan-European or global campaigns, shows how this ‘Visual Narrative’ has the ability to remain impactful, whilst crossing international boundaries.

Our Principles

Part of VCCP’s success has come from its longstanding dedication to its ten founding principles. They were established at launch to be the antithesis to all the frustrations the founders had experienced at other advertising agencies. It means we spend less time managing and more time thinking.

Our People

From seasoned medical writers to market-changing strategists to award-winning creatives, a 40-strong team of healthcare advertising specialists call VCCP Health home. In addition to this core team, VCCP Health works right in the middle of the world-renowned consumer agency, VCCP. This means our clients have nearly unlimited resources at their fingertips including: design studio, digital production, social media, content strategy, and TV and film production.

Take a moment to learn more about our management team below, or follow us @vccphealth or using #challengerspirit for a look at what makes us tick.

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